Sunday, July 22, 2012

Work out plan

The Dr. said that in order for me to get on the heart transplant list, I would have to lose a significant amount of weight. I was sent to rehab in Lake St. Louis. After work twice a week, I was going to rehab to work out, gain strength and lose weight to get on the transplant list. This rehab place was small but seemed to be a stepping stone to getting to a better place to work out. The lake saint louis place seemed to not push me as much as I needed to be pushed. When I started working out I was still in pain cause the bones in my chest and ribs were still healing. While I would do cardio my ribs and chest were popping and clicking often. This made it very hard to work out and breath at the same time but I kept it up so I could get stronger and heal faster. After about three months and a few more infections I was not working out or going to work.

When I was cleared to go back to working out, I was asked by the nurse why I was not going to one closer to my house. I was then able to join the Barnes Jewish Saint Peters workout place. These ladies are the best and are what I needed to make the weight for the list. They pushed and pushed each week and this allowed me to do a 3.5 incline at 3.2MPH for one hour which equals 3 miles. I Now do this three times a week and workout in the morning at home on the days they are closed. What really got me on track to lose weight was some tough love by my Heart surgeon. One office visit he asked me what my weight was (the first thing he always ask). I told him the weight and his reply was what I needed to do it. Looking at the computer, he said to me " Ya know, I dont care if you get a heart transplant, Its not me that needs the heart". The nurse and I looked at each other and did not say a word. She said sorry and I said it was fine cause he was right.

After a year of working out and almost 100 pounds down, all I have to say is I really hate working out. :) Its the most boring thing ever. I do it now cause I can see the benifits and I love them. What I do is work out listening to music that makes you want to move and get in shape. If I do miss a day I feel like I have cheated myself out of getting healthy. Here is the secert to losing weight, Healthy food, no eating out much, and fruits and veggies. It is truly that easy. I am still working out until I get that call that I am waiting for. The call for this secound life that I will be granted. This is something I am more excited about then scared. I have been through so much that the transplant is not what I worry about, I worry about when I will get the call.

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