Monday, August 11, 2014

A year or more out!!!!!

This is a great feeling, and is one of the few this that people get a second chance at, and that is Life. It's 19 months now since I have have the gift of life from my Heart donor. Although I don't know who he was , I really hope to meet his family some time. I now see things different, and do not take thing so serious or for granted. I have always been easy going but now I live as stress free as I can and live life everyday. I am still working out and losing weight, finishing up college, back to working on cars and doing many new thing with social media. If your having trouble or you have stress in life, take a few minutes and look at what might be causing this and see if you can set a path for the right direction to leave it in the past. Find a way to enjoy life and focus on more positive things.


  1. Hello, I am happy for your that you were able to get a transplant. My husband is 68 year old LVAD HM II wearer (7 months now) and was rejected for a new heart this morning. Do you or anyone else know of another in this situation. I'd like to reach out to a caregiver...........Many thanks, Carol

  2. Hi, Carol. I received an LVAD two months ago, but am too old to be eligible for a transplant, so will wear it for the rest of my life. It's not such a bad prospect. I'm getting my strength back now, and am getting used to changing batteries and taking my backup kit with me wherever I go. I have started a blog about my experience at