Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Insurance and Another Infection

One day in August Larry got a phone call from our insurance company saying that we had maxed out for the home health care nurses visits and that we owed them an excesive amount of money. About a week and a half after his nurse stopped coming to the house, Larry went to his cardiac rehab to workout and noticed that he had redness and soreness at his IV site. Along with having a new spot on his chest that looked like a big pimple. A few days later, his home health care nurse came to the house on her day off, to teach me how to change his dressing on his IV. When we took the dressing off, we realized there was some yellow drainage coming from the site and his nurse Alex and I were both concerned immediately. As soon as Larry told her he had soreness a few days before as well as the spot on his chest that had started opening up and draining, she told us to go to the ER as soon as possible. When we got to the ER at Barnes Jewish Hospital there were so many people waiting, there wasn't even a seat available. As soon as they checked him in, they took him straight back to a room and started checking him over. I couldn't believe that he got in so fast, when there were so many people waiting to be seen. They said if you have an LVAD, no matter the problem, you get in right away. They realized he had 2 types of infections and they admitted him to the hospital and he was there for a week and a half. They changed his IV meds and made sure that they were working before he left the hospital. Thats why it took so long for them to discharge him. After he was released to go home, he was not feeling well and felt like he had indigestion, he was sick to his stomach and everything he would eat or drink would taste like metal. He called his Dr. a few different times and they changed his medication to figure which one was making him feel this way. They finally figured it out and took him off of that med. He was placed on another IV medication and has felt better ever since.

While he was in the hospital, they figured out that the insurance company had figured the home health care totals wrong and that he was still able to have a nurse come once a week. THANK the good Lord!!

In the mean time, we are still waiting on the call for the heart transplant. It has been almost 3 months of waiting and I am getting very anxious about it all. I know it will come when it is meant to,  but I am not a very patient person, especially when you never know when you could get that call. Thank you all again for your prayers and support through all of this!

My amazing co-workers are throwing us a benefit/fundraiser on Oct. 27th in St Peters. I will have more on this at a later time. Keep checking back for more information.

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